The Missing Laddoos by Jessie S.

The Missing Laddoos

The Missing Laddoos

The Missing Laddoos

When Seema’s mother reprimanded her on her laid-back and rude approach to always getting her way, she decided to win her heart in an unimaginable, all thanks to her cunning skills to get what she wants, something which she is often known for. That too,with the help of her genius brother and his “robot” in his secret portal. Waking up on the day of Diwali feeling excited, Seema was at loss for words. She was appalled to find their laddoos missing. After all, who could have stolen Seema’s laddoos?? She has already begun to feel a tinge of envy towards her best friend, Divya or whom she lovingly addresses as Divvi. Who wouldn’t?? After all, her mum had given the secret recipe of her famous laddoos to her best friend.But did Divvi steal her laddoos? Will she transform into an enraged, gluttony monster upon knowing the truth? Join her to meet the laddoo robber in the colorful street of Ronakpur, a rural village filled with only love and happiness, a land where kids prevail. Be it a crazy sister, Seema, a geeky brother, Sharad or even the best friend cum neighbour, Divya!! An adventure fiction for all midddle graders, this is the first book in the series of The Ronakpur Miracles series. The second book, titled Little Mr Depressed is due to be set as a preorder release in 2016.

About the author

Short story writer and founder of The Introvert Voice, a personal blog which is targeted at introverts of all ages. She is busy with several major writing projects, Double Infinity and The Dream Whisperer plus various short stories and anthologies. She is juggling her parenting skills with her first baby and simultaneously managing her stay-at-home life with her writing projects, which keep her sane throughout the days. She’s almost finishing her second fan fiction which is a combination of two languages, Hindi and English. She had received many readership from India-Forums fans for her first fan fiction and hence began her second fan fiction thereafter. Recently she had participated in the Singapore National Poetry Festival as well. Now, she’s preparing an author website to reach out to a larger audience who has yet to discover her work of fiction, be it short stories or novellas. If she’s not reading or writing, then she’d rather volunteer her services at the community centres or hospitals or even bake!! She loves traveling to new territories. She’s an introverted girl who believes in supporting causes such as female empowerment, children, discovering their voices and talents and equal treatment for all people. For middle graders, she is Jassie S. She intends to reach out to the younger masses as she believes strongly in nurturing the skills of imagination, creativity and the love for the English language and literature in kids, beginning at a very young age. She is working with her co-author friend, Joanna Kiel ( on the addition of another book to The Ronakpur Miracles, titled Little Mr Depressed, first being the Missing Laddoos.

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