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Robert Webster, Cambodian Snake Repellent.

Robert Webster Cambodian Snake Repellent.

Researchers and governments spend thousands of dollars trying to come up with ways to deter snakes from going into human populated areas and camp sites. I have seen TV programmes that have shown electric wires that snakes apparently won’t cross and images of birds of prey placed around camp sites. None of these measures seems to work. The Cambodians have a way to stop snakes entering a property or around the grounds. I stumbled across this repellent, along with the Cambodian logic behind it.

My Cambodian wife and I live in a bungalow just off a busy main road in Siem Reap, Cambodia. There is a driveway at the front and a small garden at the rear, with lime and mango trees scattered around a sparsely grassed area. In the dry season, it appears lifeless and arid, but in the rainy season, it is lush and colourful with the trees in full bloom. A small covered passageway leads from the front to the rear of the building. To the right of the passageway is the main residence, living room, and bedrooms. On the left is the kitchen and a stock room. This little passage seems to be a thoroughfare for Cambodian wildlife to pass through. This is Gecko central at night where groups of these friendly little reptiles congregate for their nightly feast on the abundance of insects passing through. We have also had the odd snake, well two, which have come in to shelter from the rain. The first one had wrapped itself around the metal bars of the kitchen door to take a nap. However, the little fellow soon scarpered when the wife saw it, screamed, pushed the door open, and went towards the meat cleaver.

The last one was just sliding through minding its own business as the missus was going into the kitchen. Fortunately, he also buggered off before she reached the cleaver. I am unsure of what species they are as I only see the tail end whizzing away when I go investigate on why she is yelling, as she only usually yells at me. I imagine she scared the bejesus out of the poor little creatures. She then wanders around with a look of determination and meat cleaver in hand hunting for them, so they would end up as a snack.

Anyhow, after the second encounter I kept finding chunks of lime around the doorways and at the entrance and exit to the passageway.
“Why are there pieces of lime on the floor?” I asked.
The missus frowned, then, looking at me confused as if I should know why, replied,
“Stop snake,”
I smirked as she went on to give me the ‘logical’ explanation.
“When we cook snake in Cambodia, they are cooked them in lime, so when snake smell lime they think they will end up in cooking pot, so they are scared and keep away.”
“Oh, and that works then does it, hmm” I asked sarcastically.
“You see snake again?”
Good point, I haven’t seen any since.
Cost of this research…zero.

Question and Answers with Robert Webster

Q Who are your greatest support – who believes in you?

A Most of my family and friends who have read my books are supportive, Their theory being “As he is useless at everything else, writing is ideal for his bone idleness.”

Q. Where do you write from? e.g. Kitchen table? Study? Bedroom? Garden shed?

A Living room coffee table, while sitting on my old bum indented sofa

Q. Do you write at set times e.g. morning, afternoon, evening, very early morning?

A No set time, but usually when I am sober ….usually

Q. What motivates you to write?

A. When I get a story or an idea floating around my head.

Q. What are the biggest distractions to your writing time?

A The bar opening

Q. What part of the world do you live in?

A Cambodia

Q. Are you from there originally?

A No I am originally from England

Q. Have you ever suffered from writers’ block?

A. No, because I usually have characters and a basic story, before I start writing, so I let the characters write the story

Q .Have you taken any writers’ courses and have they been worthwhile?

A I have never taken any writing courses,

Q. Have you ever belonged to a writers’ group? And what value did you gain from it?

A You Write On. I had some useful advice and good reviews and some not so good, but I learned a lot from this.

Q.Is self-publishing satisfying enough for you or would you prefer to be traditionally published?

A Self-publishing. It is less hassle and I think going through a traditional publisher with their restrictions and deadlines would take the fun out of writing, Nowadays, self publishing is simple and you can do as much or as little as you want to promote your work.

Q. Have you ever tried to find an agent?

A I tried in the early days, but I found this to be a bit of a trudge.

. What would you expect an agent could do for you that you can’t do for yourself?

A Now, nothing, except cost money

Q. Do you think you can make a full-time career being an Indie writer?

A No, I write for fun and when I feel like it.

Q. How long have you been writing?

A About 8 years

Q. What drew you to want to write a book?

A I bought a laptop and lived on an island in Thailand. The ferry took 40 minutes to the shops , so I thought it would be fun to write a book. The first story I thought about on the ferry and I wrote it down when I got home. This was fun and enjoyable, which is why I am still doing it and I am learning new things daily.

Q. From where did you get the idea for this current story?

A. Due to having a small brain and a big skull, there is plenty of room for useless stuff to bump around in there. When I think of something, it has plenty of time to develop.

Q. How did you go about developing it?

A. I have a start and an end, the rest I fill in as I go along, usually getting ideas from the comical characters and situations that I come across in my daily life. With good characters, I find the story pretty much writes itself.

Q. What is your next project?

A. A kids / Young adult comedy adventure. Ratchet and Stench – Animal Sleuths
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Robert A Webster author of PROTECTOR – Siam storm 4The Final Adventure, Bimat Siam Storm 3, Chalice – Siam Storm 2 A Cambodian Adventure,Siam Storm-A Thailand Adventure

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