Paranormal Alley by Chris and Grant Leishman

Paranormal Alley by Chris and Grant Leishman

Paranormal Alley

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Take a stroll down Paranormal Alley and choose a door to enter, Here you will find fourteen stories of horror and the paranormal.

Whether murder, mayhem, the macabre, ghosts, alternate universes or simply twisted tales is your wish, there is something for everyone on Paranormal Alley.

Fourteen stories by the Father/Son Author Tag-team; that will scare you, excite you, thrill you and perhaps all three, await the casual visitor to Paranormal Alley. Be sure of one thing, Paranormal Alley will satisfy the most bloodthirsty of readers, perhaps forever. There is no shortage of gore on Paranormal Alley.

So, take a walk, check out a door and return often to your source of all things that go bump in the night – here on Paranormal Alley.

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Chris LeishmanGrant Leishman

Chris Leishman and Grant Leishman

We live in Manila, in the beautiful islands of The Philippines, with my adorable wife and two wonderful step-children. I like to believe I truly am #livingthedream.

My first novel is a fantasy, romance; The Second Coming, which explores the idea of Jesus Christ returning to save humanity from the brink, yet again, but this time in modern day Manila. The Second Coming is the first of a trilogy. The second novel; Rise of the AntiChrist will be available in December 2015 and the final book in the series; Holy War is my current Work In Progress.

I have also completed another book; Just a Drop in the Ocean, a romance that spans the decades and the generations. I am editing that at present and hope to self-publish it by December 2015.

I am a champion of the Independent Author and firmly believe that we ALL have a right to publish our ideas, our dreams and our fantasies. I absolutely love connecting with readers and other authors on Social Media and am always willing to help with anyone who has a question.

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Format: Kindle Edition

This collection of dark, short stories by the Leishman team, is really good; thrilling throughout. Their different styles complement each other perfectly and the stories are compelling. In some there was a definite flavour of Stephen King, but others were more like the darkness of Neil Gaiman and Clive Barker. They all stuck in my mind. The one about the cadillac was just out and out creepy, and the time travel one sent shivers down my spine. The tattoo was brilliant, but I did really enjoy all of them. I had a late night of not wanting to put this book down, then the creepiness got into my dreams! Well done, excellent work, bring more!

Format: Kindle Edition

Paranormal Alley is a collection of 13 “doors” behind which are a different short snippet that deals with some kind of the paranormal. I picked it up because it sounded like a good read, one that I could dip in and out of and would enjoy and I was not wrong. The son and father team both work very well together, with some of the stories dealing with the macabre and others seeming to be quite light hearted until the door hits you fully. The characters range from bizarre to completely ordinary, all with surprises that you probably won’t see coming. From demon possession to talking with the dead, the book covers them all and does so extremely well! I loved every door and think it’s a great collection that will allow you to dip in, read one and dip back out again as you travel through the paranormal alley. Excellently crafted and highly recommended!


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Wow, what a great, gritty and fascinating collection of short stories, or better called “doors,” one of each leads to its own twisted and absolutely unpredictable reality. Reading it was a real treat, and I can’t even think of what I liked the most: the black humor and excellently played irony mixed with dark and eerie mood of each story, or the characters, so different in their creepiness. The “Santa” story was definitely my favorite, as I never saw it coming from a kind old gentleman; the end of a scientist at the brink of a breakthrough in criminal psychiatry is also just brilliant; the man, who was having just a little too much fun with the parallel realities, never expected the consequences of his innocent “games,” well, I can go on and on, but why don’t you just go and grab your own copy and treat yourself with this five star read?;)


By Shazzie on February 6, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

When I opened my kindle and saw the selection of stories numbered door 1 through to 13 I was like an undecided child in a sweet shop. I was selective and started with door 9. It didn’t matter because after I had exhausted all the selection I was left feeling satisfied in the knowledge that I had read a great book with varied stories and each of them intense and thought provoking.

Each story has its own elements of paranormal and each story brings a chill. I can’t pick a favourite one but I will say I left door number 1 to last and the intensity of the feelings and thoughts portrayed by Alice were chilling.


Format: Kindle Edition

The cover attracted me to this book. It looked dark and threatening so I decided to download it to my kindle and I’m so glad I did . Some short stories I have come across you can usually find two or three that hold your interest and the rest just page fillers. I enjoyed every single blood curdling page of every story. Hard to pick out a favourite, may just be the one about the car, but there are so many here to enjoy it makes me wonder what sort of macabre mind the leishman family have, scary, spooky, gruesome and terrifying and a whole lot of fun. Absolutely recommend this collection it was right up my street


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I thoroughly enjoyed this well written and entertaining collection. The authors are great storytellers. Each dark and twisted tale is wonderfully unpredictable. There’s something here for everyone, and I loved them all, but my favorite was Psychopath. Are serial killers born or made? I won’t be giving away any spoilers. Get yourself a copy of the book. If you’re a fan of paranormal and horror stories like I am, you won’t be disappointed.






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