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Think Globally

Hello. I’m author and Internet radio host Ron Shaw of Georgia, USA.

If there is one consistent comment I hear over and over again when interviewing authors for my weekly Internet radio show at, it is the amazing opportunity we have as authors to communicate with our readers. Due to the various social media sites and the availability of digital internet access, within this borderless global community, readers and writers have the unique ability to reach out and interact in a meaningful contemporaneous fashion. This is unprecedented.

While this, in and of itself, is no revelation, as authors, we should recognize that the entire process of creating works in words goes hand in hand with this “golden age” of writing, publishing, and distributing of books. Internationally acclaimed, best-selling, author Jake Needham coined the golden age phrase during his appearances on my radio shows, and he is absolutely correct in his assessment.

We and the entire industry are evolving alongside the shrinking world and ever expanding technology. Consider this. An author in Anywhere, USA can sell a book to a reader in You Name It, Europe, and before the book has been shipped or uploaded to his or her device, the reader or buyer can usually locate that author on any number of social media sites and communicate with him or her. This alone is mind-boggling and extremely exciting.

Admittedly, there is no substitute for the tried and true offering and signing of your books at fixed locations with the express purpose of interacting with a reader face to face. With that said, the sheer limitations on the numbers of potential readers in this environment is both staggering and sobering when considering the millions we can reach every day around the world through the internet.

To emphasis this incredible opportunity further, with documented figures, just two of my radio shows (two hours of broadcast time) have reached over 2,000,000 listeners worldwide in less than a year’s time. This figure increasess each day. These numbers are gathered from full-hour dedicated downloads of my archived podcast shows from my ArtistFirst Radio Internet site. In addition to this figure, the number of listeners who have accessed the show through websites and other locations aren’t counted in this number. In essence, my show is nothing short of worldwide advertising and marketing, and it continues to give. All of my past shows can be enjoyed at the listener’s pleasure from my ArtistFirst website, my personal website at choose if your an author or a lover of books fill out the subscribe box and press the button to send.




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