6 John Jordan Mysteries by Michael Lister

6 John Jordan Mysteries

6 John Jordan Mysteries

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A man of the cloth who both ministers mercy and thirsts for justice walks a very fine line as a prison chaplain and a detective as he investigates baffling cases of murder in these beloved and acclaimed suspenseful mysteries by award-winning author Michael Lister.

A smart, sympathetic, utterly unique detective haunted by his past. Some of the most well-crafted whodunits being written. Six complete books. One low price. A mystery lover’s dream!

Meet John Jordan, an ex-cop turned prison chaplain who’s still the best detective around.

Michael Lister may be the author of the most unique series running in mystery fiction. It crackles with tension and authenticity.” Michael Connelly

6 Suspenseful Mystery Adventures with one of crime fiction’s most fascinating and unique detectives.

“A treasure of contemporary literature–suspenseful, provocative, and unsettling.” Florida Weekly

“One of the most ambitious and unusual crime fiction series going. Read this and see what crime fiction is capable of.” Julia Spencer-Fleming

“Vintage Michael Lister is poetic prose, exquisitely set scenes, characters who are damaged and faulty.” The Florida Book Review

Lister gives fair clues for the surprise solution, thus combining a compelling account of his hero’s spiritual struggle with a top-notch whodunit.” Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review

About the Author

Michael ListerMulti award-winning novelist, Michael Lister, is a native Floridian best known for his literary suspense thrillers DOUBLE EXPOSURE, BURNT OFFERINGS, and SEPARATION ANXIETY, as well as his two ongoing mystery series, the prison chaplain John Jordan “Blood” series (BLOOD SACRIFICE) and the hard-boiled, 1940s noir Jimmy “Soldier” Riley Series (THE BIG HELLO). The Florida Book Review says that “Vintage Michael Lister is poetic prose, exquisitely set scenes, characters who are damaged and faulty” and Michael Koryta says, “If you like crime writing with depth, suspense, and sterling prose, you should be reading Michael Lister,” while Publisher’s Weekly adds, “Lister’s hard-edged prose ranks with the best of contemporary noir fiction.”


Format: Kindle Edition

John Jordan is my favorite character. Period. I discovered him quite by accident, but what a discover he was! I just love him. I love his mind and his spirit. He’s a great detective, but he’s an even better human being. The writing in this series is so good. Even if I didn’t love John Jordan so much, these books would be a pleasure to read. But as it is that’s just a nice bonus. If you like well-written crime novels with a smart, kind detective, and surprise endings, the John Jordan Mysteries are for you. Try them now. Thank me later.


Format: Kindle Edition

What a great deal for someone coming to Michael Lister’s John Jordan series for the first time! Good characters evolve throughout each novel and John Jordan certainly does. Here you’ll be able to follow him and experience his evolution as an investigator and spiritual seeker. These are gritty and realistic mysteries, with strong characterization. As a companion to this collection, I would also recommend Michael’s latest INNOCENT BLOOD. It begins to tell the tale of John Jordan’s very beginnings and occurs during the timeframe of the Atlanta Child Murders.


Format: Kindle Edition

Great Books! Great Bargain! Michael Lister brings you books 1 thru 6 from his “Blood Series” with detective/prison chaplain John Jordan for only 9.99. !!!!!!!!!
John Jordan is one of the most interesting and likable characters in mystery today. You’ll be so glad you got all six at once, because once your done with one you’ll be ready for another. I read a lot of mystery and crime novels. These are not your run of the mill novels. So thought provoking! The ends never fail to surprise me. Lister gets me every time. Great Read! Great Value!


Format: Kindle Edition

If you haven’t read this author here is the perfect chance. This price is awesome and the books will not disappoint mystery/ suspense fans. Lister had one of the most inventive minds of today. Twists you don’t expect, and keeps you searching for more. Characters come to life and pull you into their lives. Glad I didn’t wait for the package, but if I had, it would have been the deal of the year. A must have


Format: Kindle Edition

John Jordan is the most unique detective I’ve ever encountered. He’s as smart and thoughtful as he is kind and compassionate — a very rare combination. This collection lets you see John Jordan develop as a character and Michael Lister grow as an author. Each book is so good, everyone better than the one that came before it. How they are offering all 6 of these books for this price I don’t know, but it’s the best deal I’ve seen in a long time.



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